The C-Monsta

The C-Monsta

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All your wetsuit kit, in one place, neat, tidy, dry and ready to go.

What's the worst part about your favourite outdoor watersport? Leaving the house and getting home? That's where c-monsta can help. Once you have used the c-monsta wetsuit hanger you will wonder what you did before.

The Good Stuff:

c-monsta is hoping to leave a small environmental footprint, taking responsibility for the plastic it uses.

Because the c-monsta is bomb proof it is hoped that you will never need to recycle it. However if you have finished with or somehow broken it you can send it back and it will be crushed up and recycled into new hangers.

The entire hanger, including the recycled packaging, is manufactured in the UK. The only components not made from recycled materials are the strap and buckle.

Experience of the c-monsta has shown that winter water attire can be maintained easily. It is hoped that the result of this is that wetsuits will last longer and less wetsuits will end up in landfill.